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Hiveshare Half Hive Share

Hiveshare Half Hive Share

The Hiveshare program was created for people to enjoy unique, local, unpasteurized, artisanal honey from the nectar of the vast variety of plant life in the gardens, fields and wildflowers found here in our area. Your choice of a half hive share means you will get half of the honey produced by that colony and will be delivered to your door shortly after it is harvested and extracted in a food safe pail. You are purchasing the honey, not the hives. Payment is up front and a contract will be e-mailed to you. Typically a full hive will produce 14-18 L of honey per year. This is equivalent to 23 - 26 kilograms or 51 - 57 pounds of honey. You will receive approximately half of these amounts. On a good year, you will get more!First year price includes set up fees, hive, bees, etc. Second and subsequent years fees are for management services.
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