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Chris got into beekeeping in 2012 out of curiosity about honeybees, honey production, and how to help the dwindling population. He has since expanded his knowledge through the worldwide community of beekeepers, including trips to Spain, France, Romania, Jordan and Sweden to learn from beekeepers there and their processes. 

Chris has been featured on many local news programs within Georgina, Ontario, as well as international speaking engagements. 


In addition to maintenance and production, we hope to raise awareness about the dangers bees currently face. Please follow us to stay up to date about all our initiatives and to learn about our locally sourced, natural and healthy products.

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The buzz around Hiveshare


Agri-Food Spotlight Series, Fall 2020

"Ten years ago, Chris Campbell was a photographer and single father of three young children living in Sutton. Reflecting on society and the environment, he decided to make a change and became a beekeeper as one way to, “contribute rather than consume”. Starting out with just one hive, he has grown his business, Hiveshare, to 92 hives with ambitious plans for continued growth."


Virtual event for the Farm to Table series, showing viewers around our Georgina apiary and answering questions.

Facebook Live, Summer 2020


Fall 2019

"The Hiveshare program was created for people to enjoy unique, local, unpasteurized, artisanal honey from the nectar of the vast variety of plant life in the gardens, fields and wildflowers found here in our area. Becoming a member is easy and anyone can participate. You just choose a quarter, half or whole hive and the share of the honey produced by that colony is delivered to your door shortly after it is harvested and extracted."

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